Friday, April 5, 2013

College Visit Interlude

To continue the last post...

Tuesday afternoon was our hiatus from visiting colleges...
so Anna and I ditched father in a cafe in Soho and explored.
Last time we were in NYC, 
(two years ago)
we loved the shopping in Soho for many reasons...

One of which being that the buildings are gorgeous. 

Soho has some of the most amazing little coffee and tea shops.
We found this one which just so happened to be the store of our tea supplier at Kidd Coffee back in Ohio!

the tea is delicious fyi. 
so you can go to New York to try it,
or come on down to Kidd Coffee.
either way.

Most importantly, the shopping is great.
there are little boutiques, some more pricey than others, along with your typical stores and European stores that you can only find in places like New York (Topshop <3)
Needless to say, 
we had a great time.
We got some amazing things that I'm sure will end up here on the blog at some point :) 

To top it all off,
a construction worker proposed to me.
I was confused.
Anna thought it was hilarious.
Typical day.

When we rejoined dad,
 we took the subway over to Grand Central Station.

Just to look around, 
people watch,

reenact scenes from Gossip Girl,

*spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand, Anna Tyger*

and to play a game of "who can spot the Ohioans"
Obviously we're not used to the New York way of wearing all black.
I like that coat. 

Stay tuned, 
I'm not done with this trip yet.
Next up...
Day three - Yale.